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Breakfast in the Classroom!

Something new at Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Intermediate

Studies show that children who skip breakfast are at an academic disadvantage:

  1. Slower memory recall
  2. Make more errors
  3. More likely to repeat a grade

Not all children are able to eat at home so try our new “Breakfast in the Classroom”.

Studies show that eating breakfast “pays off” with:

  1. Better test scores
  2. Improved reading ability
  3. Attention in class improves
  4. Problem-solving improved
  5. Reduces tardiness and absenteeism

The goal of School Breakfast in the Classroom is to ensure that every child gets the boost they need to stay focused, be energized, and academically ready for the day.

Grab a nutritious breakfast bag in the cafeteria and take it to your classroom.  

ENJOY your new breakfast adventure!